Relief Fundraiser: Musical Support

By Almas Akhtar, TMO


Musicians from East and West come together for a noble cause. ~” Peace through Music Gala”

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician and humanitarian, Matt Sorum of the band Guns and Roses has partnered together with philanthropist and Pakistani rock star Shehzad Roy, to raise the quality of public education and importance of arts in underprivileged schools in various regions of the world.

According to Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), 50 percent of the 535 elementary schools’ in the district do not receive art education due to limited budget.

Shehzad Roy founded the Zindagi Trust to help 10 million children in Pakistan who are employed as child labors. Zindagi Trust works to reform public schools, educate working children, and lobby the government to improve standard of education in government schools.

The organization Adopt the Arts believes that Arts help kids imagine and perform better in school.

Adopt the Arts and Zindagi Trust— are two nonprofit organizations with similar missions founded by musicians, who have come together, they have built bridges between two different countries and two different cultures. Adopt the Arts co-founder, Abby Berman, and activist-writer, Sadia Ashraf has arranged this gala.

The Peace through Music Gala will be held at Loews Hollywood Hotel on September 15th, 2013. It will feature an auction before the gala which will showcase memorabilia donated by a large number of celebrities.

All proceeds from the auction and ticket sales will help both organizations. It will be donated for a girl’s school in Karachi through Zindagi Trust in the slums of Karachi.  Adopt the Arts will support a school in Los Angeles which is the only school in the district that serves blind children.


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