Restaurants in Arizona Adopt to Digital Reservations

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Restaurants in Arizona Adopt to Digital Reservations

By Nidah Chatriwala, TMO

In the age of technology, businesses are revamping their websites and equipping their presence on social networking sites with unique content and options to attract customers.

In Arizona, a new trend has been added to the list of digital business tactics. A few restaurants in Phoenix are now offering online reservation option in form of a ticket.

Dr. Samantha Wu reserved her table for two at Tuck Shop by visiting the restaurant’s website,, and she paid $30 online which was then used to cover her food bill.

“By putting money down, it’s almost like a contract,” Wu told The Republic. “You’re showing up at this time to eat, and the restaurant makes (a table) available to eat at that time. You’ve put a deposit down, and both sides are honoring it.”

Tuck Shop among many other restaurants are adopting to the Web-based ticketing system. The main goal said to be behind the online reservation system is to make it easy for guests to book a table at a full-service restaurant.

This option is great for those who dislike waiting in long lines after landing at their favorite diner and it’s a great way for restaurant owners to manage the rush of foodies.

Only time will tell how the ticket-to-dine trend fairs as an up and coming online business strategy.


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