Russia Bans Muslim Books

Courtesy Islam Online

Russia’s ban of readable and reliable Islamic books has infuriated the Muslim minority who denounced the move as unjustifiable.

MOSCOW – Russia’s ban of a list of highly readable and reliable Islamic books on the claims of preaching extremism has infuriated the Muslim minority who denounced the move as unjustifiable and totalitarian, the Interfax news agency reported.

“They published a list of banned Muslim books that does not violate the law on extremism or religious supremacy in the least,” Russia’s Mufti Ravil Gainutdin, said in an interview with Islam in the Russian Federation website.

Authorities have included recently more Islamic books to the Federal List of Extremist Materials.

They included “The Personality of a Muslim” by Muhammad Ali al-Hashimi. The book is seen as a staple religious text for tens of thousands of Russian Muslims.

It emphasizes kindness and generosity toward people of other faiths.

Other banned books included the works of famed Turkish Muslim theologian Said Nursi. (1878-1960).

Gainutdin said there is no excuse for the continuous banning of some of Islam’s treasure books.

“Why is there no specific answer? Why have they published a list of banned literature without specifying?” he wondered.

Under the Extremism Law, mass distribution, preparation or storage with the aim of mass distribution of any banned book carry a four-year prison term.

• Totalitarian

Gainutdin said the way Russian authorities have banned the books does not fit a democracy.

He said it is absurd and deplorable that no Muslim expert, no imam, no head of ecclesiastical department of Russian Muslims has been approached for counseling.

“Nobody requested a conclusion or an expert opinion from the Muslim clergy,” he said.

He said Islamic books are banned in farce court hearings.

“The court proceedings were held without our knowledge, secretly, nobody represented the defendant. We think it is inadmissible.”

The Mufti said he plans to lodge lawsuits with the Supreme Court and complaints with the Prosecutor General’s Office to stop the book banning drive.

There are some 23 million Muslims in the Russian Federation concentrated in the north of the Caucasus, representing roughly 15 percent of its 145 million population.

Islam is Russia’s second-largest religion behind Russian Orthodoxy.


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    the problem with muslims is that they are not organised like other communities. they should have different commities for dealing with different topics.e.g for educating children, youth, elderly people. looking after health, pension, employment, orphans and widows. awarding scholarships to needy and outstanding youth. they should establish a board to deal with these wide range of subjectcs. establish free QURAN classes. use video in the classes.muslims waste lot of time in gossiping. give them technical education. there was a time when they excelled in scientific education why can’t the do it now? establish a “THINK TANK” GET help from muslims abroad. there may be volunteers to give help.

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    thank you for posting my comments. i need action.on my suggestion. use mosque space for classes.

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    you can use c.ds or other media for teaching labourers or those who are busy during the day.insha Allah you will light at the end of the tunnel.IQRA was the first lesson taught to our prophet ((Pbuh).