Salim Ejaz Still Alive in NY Comptroller Race

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Salim Ejaz Still Alive in NY Comptroller Race

Press Release

“Good News!” announced the Salim Ejaz election committee’s press release, “We are on the ballot for general election as an independent candidate.”

“Our candidacy is alive and well–we are on the ballot for the general election being held on November 3rd, as an independent candidate.

“With God’s grace, we have the strongest candidacy.   The only candidate who is a CPA, has 40 years of experience and has a stellar performance record of having saved taxpayers several hundred million dollars.  In the coming weeks, our candidacy should start getting  coverage by the mainstream media.  We are already on the Voter Guide, of which 2.5 million copies were distributed and we have also been on NBC Video Guide (please visit our website for this and other media coverage).

“We will be soon issuing our press releases detailing our plans to save NYC several hundred million dollars.  No other candidate has offered any such plan.

“We can win if we can obtain adequate funding.  Contributions can be easily made through our website by using credit cards. 

“Please spread our message and get involved: Vote. Volunteer. Contribute.   We will keep you posted.

“God bless you.”

By Salim Ejaz, Your Candidate for NYC Comptroller

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