SE Michigan Vol. 9 Iss. 2

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SE Michigan Vol. 9 Iss. 2

Area Mosques Celebrate ‘Eidul Adha

Most local mosques celebrated ‘Eidul Adha on Saturday, but some celebrated it on Sunday. In Flint, the Flint Islamic Center and Grand Blanc Islamic Center celebrated ‘Eid together on Saturday. The Tawheed Center in Farmington and the Detroit Muslim Unity Center celebrated ‘Eid on Saturday also. IAGD and the MCWS (Canton Mosque) celebrated ‘Eid on Sunday. The Islamic House of Wisdom (IHW), Islamic Center of America (ICA), and Islamic Institute of Knowledge (IIK) celebrated ‘Eid on Sunday.

The FCNA date for ‘Eid as endorsed by ISNA, was December 31st. Saudi Arabia announced ‘Eid would be on Saturday, December 30th. Indonesia celebrated ‘Eid on Sunday, December 31st.

Canton (By Beena Inam)

Canton–Sunday, December 31–Nearly 2,000 people gathered at the Rock Financial Showplace, formerly known as Novi Expo Center, for Eid prayers on Sunday Dec 31 at 9:30 a.m.

Imam Saeed of Tawheed Center led the ‘Eid payers, which was followed by the khutbah. In his khutbah, he gave examples from the life of Prophet Ibrahim and the submission to the will of God.

The imam discussed the tough sacrifice Prophet Ibrahim (as) had to make, and his reward from Allah of sparing Ismail (as) and making him an example for the Muslims all over the world to remember and follow in our lives.

Further, the imam talked about the unquestionable obedience of Prophet Ibrahim (as) when he left Bibi Hajra and their son Ismail in the valley of Mecca–showing Muslims the right path to follow. He said we should never ask the question ‘why’ when carrying out the command of our Lord. Instead, we should ask God to guide us to the straight path.

Another aspect of the imam’s khutbuh was to help the disadvantaged. We not only have the responsibility to help the poverty-stricken people on Eidul Adha but to help them all round the year.

After the khutbuh, people exchanged greetings. Some men headed to the slaughterhouse to perform the ritual of slaughtering a goat, sheep or a cow while others donated to the other parts of the world.

Due to the limited space for people at the Muslim Community of the Western Suburbs (MCWS) in Eidul Fitr, the Eidul Adha prayers were held at the Rock Financial Showplace.

“This place is spacious and big enough for everyone to pray. I liked it here and hope to attend many Eid prayers here in the future,” said Zainab Rangoonwala, a local resident.


Bloomfield–Saturday–The Bloomfield Unity Center held two ‘Eid prayers on Saturday. One was led by Imam Achmat Sallie who spoke on the surprising issue of seeking wealth in dunya. He said not to be guilty about being wealthy, that we should encourage our children to be millionaires and billionaires, and in support of this argument pointed to the negative point of the vulnerability of Muslims to Christian-funded proselytizing in the wake of the Asian tsunami, and to the positive point of Nobel Prize winner Mohammad Younus’s efforts to help Bangladesh’s people achieve self-sufficiency through micro-loans.

Relating this focus on seeking wealth in dunya to Eidul Adha, Imam Sallie explained that wealthy Muslims must sacrifice by giving in support of Islam and Muslims.

Imam Sallie said that Muslims should be the first and best in offering solutions to today’s world problems like global warming.


Troy–Sunday, December 31–All together, according to IAGD Board President Dr. Syed Akbar, about 4,000 people attended 3 prayers held at IAGD in Troy to celebrate Eidul Adha.

The first prayer was at 8:30, and the khutbah was given by Imam Muneer Fareed, who spoke about the importance of using iman in daily life in imitation of prophets Sayyidina Ibrahim (as) and Sayyidina Isma’il (as), saying that there are levels of faith, and emphasizing the importance for Muslims of being good human beings.

The second prayer was at 10 and was led by Imam Ali Leyla, a professor from the Islamic American University, who spoke on the importance of Sayyidina Ibrahim’s (as) correct belief, which led to Allah’s protecting him against the fire of Nimrud, which cooled on his entry–making it “bardan wa salaaman.” He also emphasized the importance for Muslims of being good human beings.

Oakland University’s Islamic Studies Program Launches

Troy–December 31–Oakland University’s brand new Islamic Studies program, arranged by Imam Sallie of the Bloomfield Unity Center, comes to life on January 4th, 2007.

TMO profiled the program in the Southeast Michigan section of its Volume 8 Issue 34, describing a posh fundraiser designed to raise $250,000 for the program.

The fundraiser was successful in kickstarting the program. This year there will be two classes at Oakland University, one taught by Imam Ali of the Muslim Community of the Western Suburbs (Canton Mosque), and another taught by Imam Sallie.

Imam Ali will teach the evening class, Tuesday evenings. Imam Sallie will teach on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Sallie shows satisfaction with the university’s great welcome to him and the Islamic courses, as they have given him the latest available classrooms–”Smart” classrooms with all the latest technology.

Imam Sallie explains that “what we need now is for people to show up.” He hopes to offer an online version of the course as well in the near future.

Sallie explains that Oakland University is an up-and-coming force in the area, being expected to have 20,000 students after 2 years. (It currently has approximately 4,700 students, including 100 Muslims).

So far 15 students have enrolled in the program. The total capacity of the program is 20 students per class.

The effort has garnered widespread success, owing to Imam Sallie’s ecumenical appeal and soft and open approach to non-Muslims. It has been profiled in the Detroit Free Press, Channel 7 News, and in radio programs.

As explained in the Vol. 8 Iss. 34 article, this program is dependent on donations from the community. Presently the teaching position pays, but is not yet self-sufficient.

If you would like to support the program by donations, please mail payments to Oakland University, FAJRI/ORSP Linda Tucker 152 DHE Rochester, MI 48309-4401.


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