Seeratun Nabi (s) Program on Pakistan Day Observance by PAA

junaid Novi, Michigan–March 22–1400 people stuffed a Novi banquet hall to capacity and beyond this past Sunday evening, in a feast of patriotism and nostalgia for Pakistan.

A press release from the organization extolled the “spiritual and heartfelt naaats and khutba from Junaid Jamshaid,” Jamshaid is a famous Pakistani recording artist who came to the limelight as the frontman of the group Vital Signs in 1987–from 2002 he began to focus more on religious and spiritual music, but his popularity has carried over into the present.  The program included other naat khwan such as Zohra Noorani.

President Mohammad Qasim in his message thanked the attendees for such overwhelming response and said community unity is the need of the hour.

Said the press release, “His presence touched many hearts and many souls.  His peaceful and enlightening words made an imact on the crowd of over 1,400 people, all who were fortunate to receive the blessing from being part of such a mehfil.”

U.S. Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI-9) was the guest speaker at the event, and Mr. Waqar Ali Khan also spoke, representing Geo TV.


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