Seymour Hersh Speaks on Iraq

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Seymour Hersh Speaks on Iraq

By Geoffrey Cook, MMNS International Analyst

Berkeley–October 7th—-Seymour Hersh was born to Yiddish-speaking Jewish parents in Chicago, but he has been one of the most vehement journalists exposing American crimes against Muslim nations.  Of all major U.S. journalists he has the best connections within the Armed Forces, the CIA, the NSA, and Congress and thus learns secrets unknown even to some high level officials.

Modern “War is not anti-septic,” he says, and he should know for he served in the Army himself as a young adult.  “It is difficult to comprehend the Army’s attitude towards Iraq…It will be challenging to get out of this war.” 

“We can’t separate the present predicament from the crisis of the past seven years.”   Further, he explains “there has been a collapse of the American Press” parallel to this war against terror.  “We are not aware of the dissent within [the Military itself].”  Hersh continues, “War is ugly, ugly, ugly…We are not any better than anyone else.” 

We have been guilty of ethnic cleansing in Baghdad’s realm as well, and he asks,  “How can the Iraqi freedom fighters be defined as insurgents?” 

Iran, fortunately, has been withdrawn from our “radar screen” because the Administration is responding to the fact that it would hurt any chances for their (hawkish clone) Senator McCain’s chances of being elected to the Presidency. 

He explains the theory held by Republicans.  “The [current] regime [actually] believes that if Iran obtains the bomb they could strike at the American Homeland!” 

Unfortunately the ill wind blowing against Iran has set a chill down the spine of erstwhile ally Pakistan.  A general remarked to our journalist, “When you’re [The District of Columbia] done with Iran’s bomb you’ll come after our nuclear defenses!” 

“The Neo-Cons,” Hersh says, “are overachievers…totally wacko…only a handful of them have overtaken America!”   Although their academic philosophy has successfully been able to demonize the Iraqi populace.

Iraq, he says, is in a bad situation.  The Sunnis hate the Shia and, thereby, abhor Iran.  All Hell is (about) to let loose.  Besides, the Iraqi Kurds wish to dominate the (oil-rich) district around the city of Kirkut. 

At the same time, Iraq’s neighbors desire a stable Iraq – even the Israelis!  Our troops are ever in greater danger over time as long as this War continues unabated! 

Sy Hersh estimates that 640,000 veterans who have already come home from this desert War have psychological problems generated from the horrors of their battles.

Turning to the G.I.’s venture in Afghanistan, he conjectured “the defeat of the Taliban was not an ignoble cause” in and of itself, but we have killed too many innocent civilians as “collateral damage.”  Therefore, “It is doubtful we can win this War,” too.

Abu Ghraib damaged our image (irreparably) in the Arab and wider Islamic World, he argues.  The American guards who committed torture were as psychologically damaged as their victims.

“We do have a moral obligation…to withdraw from that War!” 

Hersh was very effusive about Barack Obama–“Obama is smarter than the people around him.” 

Seymour claims he is saying what he has to say to appear to move towards the Center.

Hersh believes the International Courts will deliver indictments against many of the most outrageous members of this current administration in D.C. 

He is greatly disturbed over the pronouncements of hate that the Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin of Alaska is spouting – especially her accusation of terrorism against certain individuals and ethnic groups.

The Republicans in this campaign are applying racism and sectarianism in a very nasty way, and Muslims are being routinely, if obliquely, defamed. 

What she and McCain are doing is very dangerous to minorities in America, and that includes those who are Muslim.

Finally, Seymour Hersh is of the opinion that the war(s) are affecting the markets negatively. 

Thus, the failure of Bush’s foreign policy is intertwined with his gross mismanagement of the economy, and today’s people, worldwide, are suffering from his mismanagement, also!


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