Shaykh Nuruddin Durkee Attends Milad at IAGD

TMO Stringer

22Rochester Hills–March 25–About 600 people attended a large Milad at IAGD this past Sunday, including keynote speaker Shaykh Abdullah Nooruddeen Durkee.

The audience enjoyed the recitation of naats in celebration of and praising Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

Shaykh Durkee gave a stirring speech explaining that our Prophet (s) stood for Peace and Mercy.  Where, he said, do we see that peace and mercy today?

Look at the Taliban, look at the Muslims who burn girls’ schools, who kill in the name of religion.

If we really want to show our love and respect to our Prophet (s), then we must follow his Sunnah, we must demonstrate Peace and Rahma.

Shaykh Durkee emphasized the importance of girls’ education as the most important aspect of building a society, warning that at present we are losing our youth at an alarming rate of 60% or worse–because ladies lack the basic education in Islam that can nurture the youth.

The highly successful and beautiful Milad program was sponsored by M. Shafi Lokhandwala, Usman Shaukat Butt, Muhammad Aamir Suhail, Ashif Saiyed, Waheed Khan, and Syed Kamal Baghdadi.


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