Slanted Female Abuse Statistics

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Slanted Female Abuse Statistics

By Elder George

The fall 2008 newsletter of The Women’s Freedom Network (WFN) referred to an article in The Washington Times that called attention to “the deepening humanitarian crises” of Pakistani women. That crisis, reported by Katie Falkenberg, refers to the more than 4,100 honor killings that occurred in the country between 2001 and ‘04, according to Pakistan’s Interior Ministry. 

That article addressed an issue that occurred 4,100 times in four years which is 1,025 times per year in a nation of 165 million people. That is a rate of 0.6 per 100,000. On the other hand, the female suicide rate in America is 6.1/ 100,000, or ten times the rate of fatalities due to honor killings. The number one debilitating illness of the American woman is depression, with upwards of 10 million suffering from this malady. That’s close to 10% of the adult female population or a rate of 10,000/100,000 or 15,000 times the rate of death from honor killings. There is a complete lack of proportion in addressing the well being of women by the Western media.

This same lack of proportion addressed the acid attacks (they do not necessarily result in deaths) in Indonesia, which occur 300 to 400 times a year, and not always to women. Indonesia has a population of 235 million. Choosing the high figure of 400, acid attacks occur once in every 535,000 people or a rate of less than .002/100,000, which about equals the rate of weather related deaths in America. This crime has received national publicity in Indonesia and its Parliament is calling for lifetime imprisonment for offenders. 

Honor killings and acid attacks certainly need attention (I will address the Asian imbalance of gender in my next column) but they occur less frequently than any other attack on women. America has 12,600 annual homicides (25% occur to women) for a rate of 4.2/100,000, which is many multiples of the rate of honor killings and acid attacks combined. Yet the attention given to homicides, suicides, and depression does not garner the international publicity of honor killings and acid attacks.

Feminists instigate and socialists sponsor this international publicity in order to bring about the breakdown of the patriarchal structure that exists in these nations. Conservatives also support this activity as it helps to increase approval for American military action in Muslim nations. Secondly, without saying so directly, international media activity attempts to dilute the influence of Islam in these nations. Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church owns the Washington Times through its company News World Communications, and I question the objectivity of its reporting concerning Muslim activities.

The hypocritical concern for Muslim women by Western media and organizations results in actions designed to destroy the patriarchal Asian culture in general and Muslim religious influence in particular. It is all part of the attack on Islam that I wrote about previously.

The Muslim culture has many positive attributes to extol. Muslim nations have the world’s lowest rates of suicide, mental illness, divorce, adultery, juvenile delinquency, and incarceration. Yet, the international media do not write favorably about the Asian culture or the Islamic religion; instead they focus on the abuse of women and extremist religious and political activity as part of its efforts to wage psychological warfare against Muslims.

Unfortunately these efforts are succeeding.

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