Solidarity with Gaza

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Solidarity with Gaza

By Susan Schwartz, MMNS

The atrocity that is the Israeli invasion and destruction of  Gaza has outraged the civilized communities around the globe. In most nations demonstrations have taken place as people of conscience react to Israel’s  atrocities, their protests indicating their belief that the world’s  moral compass has gone seriously astray. 

The Los Angeles area has been home to numerous  demonstrations with others scheduled for the future. Two fund raising events for  Gaza have been announced.
In Anaheim, home to a large Arab  population, thousands gathered in the business area to protest  the cruelty of the Israeli invasion. In response to a National Day of Action in  support of the people of Gaza, demonstrators held aloft signs and chanted  calling for the end to the invasion and freedom for Palestine.

Protestors in the thousands also gathered in front  of the Israeli Consulate on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, a main  thoroughfare. Other demonstrations took place in front of the Westwood Federal  building further west on Wilshire Boulevard.

Many in the crowd were Middle Eastern, but many who  were not took part with equal enthusiasm. As one elderly man said when asked why he was there: “Now we are all Palestinians”.

Two fund raisers are planned. The first will take place  at the at Al Ansar Hall, 1717 S. Brookhurst Street in Anaheim on January 10  at 6:00pm.

Baitulmaal is the sponsor. The following day Islamic  Relief will sponsor a fundraiser at the Marriott Hotel on Harbor Boulevard in  Anaheim to begin at 5:30pm.

Sponsors of the demonstrations are many and  include: The ANSWER Coalition; AL AWDA; Free Palestine Alliance; Jews for Peace;  Muslim American Society and International Action Center.


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