Song ‘I Love Israel’ Latest Craze in Egypt

By Rachel Hirshfeld

A hate song with the deceiving title of “I Love Israel” has become the latest craze in Egypt, The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported.

The singer, Amr El Masry, begins by repeating the phrase, “I love Israel.”

The lyrics read as follows: “May it [Israel] be destroyed. May it be colonized. May it be wiped off the map. May a wall fall on it. May it disappear from the universe. God, please have it banished.”
During the duration of the song, the chorus of “I love Israel” is repeatedly interjected.

“May it dangle from the noose. May I get to see it burning, Amen. I will pour gasoline on it. I am an Egyptian man. I am not a coward.”

“May it be targeted. May it go up in flames that will never subside. From the bottom of my heart – may a wall fall on it,” the song continues.

“May it destroy itself. May we never hear of it again. May it destroy itself. May we never hear of it again. May it cease to exist, not even on the border. May they say on the news that there is no more destruction.”

El Masry concludes the song by stating, “My heart is broken under my smoking jacket. I see that you are occupied, so I’m off. Goodbye.”

Another song by the Egyptian Shaaban abd el Rehim, released in 2000 and titled “I Hate Israel” espouses the same vehemently anti-Israel sentiments, yearning for the obliteration of the Jewish state.

The two songs caused controversy, but managed to pass the Egyptian censors. Shaaban’s songs, due to his poor background, informal language, and direct lyrics have made him popular with the Egyptian public.


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