Sprinting In the Last 10 Days of Ramadan

By Musa Odeh

MusaOdehPrayerPic Muslims all over the world seek hidden treasure in the last 10 days of Ramadan. 

“The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) used to search for the night of power in the first 10 days of Ramadan, when he didn’t find it, Arch Angel Gabriel told him to search in the next 10 days and when the Prophet still could not find it, Gabriel told him to search in the final 10 days where the Prophet ultimately found the night of power,” said Sheik Ahmad Musa Jibril, a Dearborn native and top graduate of the Islamic University in Madina, Saudi Arabia.

Islam holds the Night of Power in high rank because it is the anniversary night that the Qur`an was revealed.  Muslims believe the revelation of the Quran occurred in two separate phases.  The first phase revealed the entirety of the Quran on the Night of Power.  The second phase was revealed verse-by-verse to the Prophet Muhammad  (s) by Gabriel.

The reward for worshipping on this night carries the blessing of worshipping for more than a thousand months.

“The Night of Power has more blessings than a thousand months.”  Surat 97: Verse 3 

According to Sheik Ahmad Jibril, Muslims do not know exactly what night they can find the night of power but it’s guaranteed to be somewhere in the month of Ramadan.  Sheik Jibril advises Muslims to worship extensively throughout this holy month.  According to Jibril, some authentic narrations say the Night of Power has a greater chance of falling in the last 10 days of Ramadan and an even greater chance of falling on the odd numbered nights.  Sheik Jibril also explained a Muslim’s best chance of catching the Night of Power would be on the 27th night because authentic narrations have stated this probability, however; there is no guarantee and he advises Muslims to “worship, worship, worship” and capitalize on this holy month when the devils are shackled up.

Sheikh Ahmad repeatedly refers to the final 10 days of Ramadan as “the days of forgiveness.”  He purposely says this to get the message across; Allah will forgive those who ask of him during this special time.

The Sheik compares the final 10 days of Ramadan to that of an Olympic race.  “An Olympic runner does not work the entire race to give up in last 10 meters.  It’s actually the exact opposite; the runner works hard throughout the race only to turn it up a gear in the last 10 meters.  This is the same way a good Muslim should treat the last days of this holy month,” says Jibril.

According to Jibril, Muslims should not give up on these last days of Ramadan or take a break from repentance until the Eid is declared.  Sprint in the last 10 days of Ramadan.  “Sprint in your du’a.   Sprint in your recitation of the Quran.   Sprint in your journey of seeking true Islamic knowledge,” said Jibril.

Sheik Ahmad Jibril closes by telling the Muslim population to recall a famous du’a that the Prophet (s) used to tell Aisha (ra) to recite. 

“Oh Allah, you are the all-time forgiver, you love forgiveness, so please forgive me.”

Sheik Ahmad Musa Jibril has become a YouTube sensation in his efforts to spread dawah all over the world.  You can log onto YouTube.Com in order to hear more of Jibril’s lectures which include; Depending on Allah, Legends of Islam, and the importance of Ramadan.  You can also get more information off of Jibril’s very own site www.ahmadjibril.com which is dedicated to better the Muslim Ummah as a whole.  May Allah be pleased with his work and allow him to hold steadfast with each trial and tribulation he faces.  May Allah allow him to return home in due time and turn his hardships into ease.


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