Summer Arab International Festival Graces Dearborn

By Adil James, TMO

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Dearborn–June 17–Dearborn annually hosts a festival in downtown, blocking off Warren Avenue and putting carnival rides, providing musical entertainment, and food and vendors.

This year was no exception, and people flocked to the city in droves to attend the annual gathering.  Halal food was available from vending booths, Muslims sold olive oil and honey, various mainstream businesses and government entities (and five churches) tried to recruit people at the festival.

“This year was better than last year,” said Bob from Hanson’s, one of the businesses represented at the festival.  “We sold more this year.”

Fadia Srour or “Swag phones” said her business had had a very successful visit at the festival.  She explained that she had sold 45 swag phones, devices that plug into any available jack and look like and function like old style telephones.

This year was successful again–and if you missed this event watch for this event next June.


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