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  • Islamophobia: a clear threat to religious pluralism in the US (part 2)

    Islamophobia: a clear threat to religious pluralism in the US (part 2)

    By Engy Abdelkader Islamophobia threatens religious pluralism and our country’s foundational values.  This article looks briefly at several key challenges in two parts.  Last week, we discussed countering violent extremism, the media and politics.  Now, we turn to the anti-Muslim hate network, studying while Muslim, religious land use zoning wars and hate violence. The anti-Muslim

  • Which Presidential Candidates Have ‘Shown Backbone’ Against Islamophobia?

    Which Presidential Candidates Have ‘Shown Backbone’ Against Islamophobia?

    By Robert McCaw ISLAMiCommentary Last Friday, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley denounced the socially-corrosive evils of “Islamophobia and xenophobia” at a conference held by the Arab American Institute at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. What should have been an unremarkable statement was made noteworthy because only a few presidential candidates have gone on the record to denounce

  • The stories that matter to Muslims should matter to us all

    The stories that matter to Muslims should matter to us all

    By Ken Chitwood ISLAMiCommentary From the news headlines over the past year you’d think that the news about Muslims mainly consists of ISIS, Charlie Hebdo, Qur’an controversies, the occasional Muslim holiday, and lately the bigoted opinions of some presidential candidates. Stories in the media that imply that Islam is all about violence, Mohammad cartoons, or

  • Analyzing media portrayal of US Muslims

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan OnIslam US Correspondent HOUSTON – “You don’t speak Arabic? What kind of terrorist are you?” This line was delivered during a popular, prime-time US television show about a family of cops working in New York City. One of the main characters was interrogating a Muslim suspect following a failed bombing attempt.

  • Hijab ban encourages bias: French Muslims

    OnIslam & Newspapers More than a decade after imposing hijab ban in France, Muslims in the European country complained that the ban has given “cover” to acts of discrimination against their community. “What did we do wrong?” a Muslim child asked his mother after being barred from entering the inflatable toys on a temporary beach

  • Terror threats worry New York’s Muslims

    OnIslam & Newspapers CAIRO – Threats by a former congressional candidate to blow up a Muslim community in New York have been extended to South Carolina’s Holy Islamville, where hundreds of Muslims expressed concerns about their safety. “We are worried that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and we want to make sure

  • Should all Muslims be singled out for the actions of a few?

    By Usaid Siddiqui Religion News Service What followed after two gunmen were killed trying to carry out an attack on an anti-Muslim “Draw Muhammad Contest” was predictable. Pamela Geller, the organizer of the event,called for war, American Muslims condemned the attack, and the mainstream media rehashed the very old and exhausting debate about whether Islam

  • US Muslims counter hate with virtues

    By Carissa D. Lamkahouan US OnIslam.net Correspondent DALLAS – Building bridges between people, promoting understanding with those of other faiths, and living the virtues of a good neighbor are just some of the Islamic fundamentals Imam Daniel Adbullah Hernandez emphasizes when encouraging his Southeastern Texas congregation to look beyond the masjid walls and to connect

  • Islam teaches patience in the face of bigotry

    By Hesham Hassaballa I had no idea that this gathering about drawing the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) even existed. That is, until news of the shootings surfaced. Now, authorities have identified the gunmen, Elton Simpson and his roommate Nadir Soofi. These “holy warriors” were killed by police as soon as they opened fire as the event was ending.

  • CAIR National and CAIR-LA host leadership webinar

    By Susan Schwartz TMO Contributing Writer The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization, and the CAIR-LA chapter hosted an educational and informative webinar as part of a leadership training initiative this week. The event dealt with the intertwined issues of Islamophobia and hate crimes – their definitions and

  • Arizona faiths unite to reject Islamophobia

    OnIslam & News Agencies ARIZONA – The Tempe interfaith community joined forces over the weekend with the local Islamic center on its Open-Day event in a show of solidarity after it was targeted by the infamous hate preacher, Dean Saxton, a student at Arizona State University. Led by Saxton — also known as Brother Dean

  • Texan Muslim killed while taking photos of snow

    OnIslam Staff CAIRO – A leading US Muslim advocacy group has called on law enforcement authorities to address community concerns about what motivated the alleged killers of a 36-year-old Muslim who was shot Thursday while taking pictures of the snow. “Because of recent incidents targeting American Muslims, including the murder of three young Muslims in

  • Sister of Chapel Hill victim decries Islamophobia

    OnIslam and news agencies SAN FRANCISCO –Long hours and days of grief could not ease the heavy heart of Dr Suzanne Barakat, the sister of slain young American Muslim who was killed last month in Chapel Hill with his young wife and sister-in-law. For her, the police statement that the trio’s death was about the

  • Islamophobia haunts US Muslims

    Islamophobia haunts US Muslims

    By Carissa Lamkahouan onislam.net DALLAS – For Mohammed Jafri, thoughts that his hijab-wearing wife might be attacked when she is running errands by herself, either in grocery shopping alone or shuttling the kids to the park, have hijacked his personal feeling of safety forever. “I tell her to try not to go anywhere she doesn’t

  • Muslims forced to grin and bear ignorance

    Muslims forced to grin and bear ignorance

    By Haroon Moghul Most of our conversations about Islam and Muslims feature neither Islam nor Muslims. The bad news: It’s partly our fault. We spend so much time talking to ourselves, we never talk to anyone else. If we write, it’s frequently for each other, assuming that the average American shares our concerns and outrages.

  • Engaging non-Muslims key in combating hate crimes in America

    Engaging non-Muslims key in combating hate crimes in America

    By Rashida Tlaib When I saw the following image and text, I was overwhelmed with pride for my fellow Michiganders and state leaders (who are not Muslims) standing proud to acknowledge that no Americans should be targeted or mistreated because of their faith. By joining the Campaign to TAKE ON HATE, these local and state

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