Prof. Akhtarul Wasey (left) discussed Iqbal’s poetry.  Photo credit Mohammed Ayub Khan.

Prof. Wasey on Iqbal’s poetry

By Mohammed Ayub Khan
TMO Contributing writer

Prof. Akhtarul Wasey (left) discussed Iqbal’s poetry.  Photo credit Mohammed Ayub Khan.

Prof. Akhtarul Wasey (left) discussed Iqbal’s poetry. Photo credit Mohammed Ayub Khan.

TORONTO, CANADA—The poetry and thought of the legendary poet Allamah Iqbal was the subject of discussion at the Annual Iqbal Day event organized by the International Iqbal Society (Canada chapter) in the of town of New Market near Toronto on Saturday, May 23, 2015. The venue was the expansive library of noted Urdu scholar and author Dr. Taqi Abedi. The well attended event was addressed by a range of local and international scholars. The respective consul generals of India and Pakistan, stationed in Toronto, were also present.

The keynote address was delivered by Professor.Akhtarul Wasey, Commissioner of Linguistic Minorities in India and Director of Dr.Zakir Hussain Institute of Islamic Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia University in New Delhi. He expounded on the silsilat ul zahab or the golden chain which extends from Ghalib to Iqbal. He stated that the connecting links in the chain between the two stalwarts includes legends such as Sir Syed, Deputy Nazeer Ahmed, Khwaja Altaf Hussain Hali, Shibli Nomani, and Akbar Allahabadi.

Pointing out the Univer-salist theme of their thought, he said that all of them showed concern for the common problems of humanity. Wasey said that the Iqbal’s poetry and prose are replete with Universalist themes despite his strong attachment and concern for the Muslims. “Iqbal extracted insights from the diversity of the world’s religious, spiritual, literary traditions, and formulated a universalist thought which is reflected in his concept of khudi or selfhood … Iqbal’s poetry and philosophical thought is unique in uniting the light of both the East and the West and in conceptualizing the creation of a new civilization. His thought is even more relevant in today’s world,” he said.

Wasey also focused on the reformist thought of Altaf Hussain Hali which he said is often neglected. His concern for women’s education and welfare, for instance, was way ahead of his time, he said.

The Consul General of India in Toronto Akhilesh Misra in his remarks regaled the audience with his poetry. He said that it is the arts which make the humanity unique from other creations. He praised Dr. Taqi Abedi’s work and his zeal for collecting rare manuscripts and other works.

Asghar Ali Golo, the Consul General of Pakistan in Toronto, praised the organizers of the event. In his remarks he quoted Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and other luminaries of India and Pakistan who held Iqbal in high regard.

Noted academic Dr.Satyapal Anand, Hindi poetess Sinha Tahkor and Noman Bokhari of the International Iqbal Society also addressed the audience.


Houstonian Corner (V12-I15)

Unique Books of Dr. Asaf Riyaz-i-Qadeer Introduced During Famous Poet Khalid Masood Khan Humorous Poetry Program

“You may need Tylenol by the end of this program not because of headache but because of abdominal aches due to laughter:” These were the words of Dr. Asaf Riyaz-i-Qadeer at Lasani Restaurant Banquet Hall this past Friday, as he introduced famous Hilarious Poet from Multan Pakistan Khalid Masood Khan, who has introduced a new style of poetry, where he mixes Urdu and Punjabi languages, to introduce in an entertaining manner various cultural aspects of Pakistan; explain many issues facing the society & world; and even gives resolutions to some of the problems. The whole hall was full in anticipation of an unforgettable evening and everyone left the hall most satisfied. He indeed had the audience move their places with hilarity. Someone in the past has said about his poetry:

“Koee Nahee Hae Khalid-e-Masood Ki Tarha – Uus Ki Ghazal Ka Zaiqa Umrood Kee Tarha Hae”

The occasion became more buoyant as famous community leader, social worker and medical practitioner Dr. Asaf Riyaz-i-Qadeer (M.D.) introducing two of his books: “Nadir-o-Nayaab Ashaar”, which is a 225 collection of verses of famous poets over the last two centuries (Mir Taqi Meer; Ghalib; and others) and second book is “Muntakhib Mazahaya Shairee”, which is a 230 pages collection of humorous verses. Both these books have been reviewed by Newspaper Jang, Pakistan and have been entered into the curriculum at the Allama Iqbal Open University.

The program was emceed in the traditional manner by three persons: Saeed Basheer Gaddi of Sangeet Radio; Abdullah Jafari (son of famous humor poet); and Inayat Ashraf. Famous poet of Houston Reverend Dr. Afzal Firdous and Former City Councilperson M. J. Khan paid glowing tributes to Dr. Asaf Riyaz-i-Qadeer for his efforts in gathering excellent couplets and poems from the past and gave special accolade to Guest Poet Khalid Masood for giving new style to poetry.

“I have got inspiration for poetry from Dr. Amanullah Khan of Dallas, whom I call the ‘Father of Punjabi Poetry’. I did have some germs for poetry, but he is the one, who has revived the writer from inside me,” said Dr. Asaf Riyaz-i-Qadeer (M.D.). Dr. Qadeer graciously gifted his books to the guests with his autograph.

Dr. Amanullah Khan M.D; PhD, who was present on the occasion and informed that he has made his first movie (in Punjabi language with English subtitles film – Theme is Pakistan & India relationship) and it will debut on April 10, 2010 at 8 pm at The Landmark Magnolia Theatre in Dallas West Village, with a second screening on April 12, 2010 at 4:15 pm at the same theater. Eventually it will go worldwide in May 2010.

Khalid Masood Khan is a famous Urdu columnist, critic, poet and comedy writer from Multan (Khanewal), Pakistan. His work has been published with the leading Urdu newspaper Daily Jang for almost a decade or so. Some of his couplets are:

“Lalloo Khaet Sae Aik Paraona Aaya Tha – Munjae Peerae Phur Gaya Pan Sae Thuk Thuk Kar”

“Uus Ka Rishta Na Hunae Ka Baes Uus Ka Abba Tha – Sub Haryan Thae Uus Nae Aesa Abba Kahaen Sae Labba Tha”…

Right to Vote for Oversees Pakistanis

The Government of Pakistan is considering granting the right of vote as well as representation in National and Provincial Assemblies to Overseas Pakistanis. In this regard all those Pakistani who wish to participate in the electoral process, may kindly fill the form available at following link ( and email or mail it back to the Consulate of Houston. The response would enable the Government in assessing the extent of interest among the Pakistani Diaspora in the electoral process and taking a final decision in this regard. The immediate response would be highly appreciated.

Under the dual nationality agreement between the United States and Pakistan in 2002, Pakistani-Americans can retain both US and Pakistani passports and are eligible to vote in both countries. You are requested to kindly circulate this message widely to your Pakistani acquaintances. The mailing address of the Consulate is as under:

Consulate General of Pakistan, 11850 Jones Road, Houston, TX 77070.