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Tamil Actress Monika Converts to Islam and Quits Cinema


Tamil Actress Monika who converted to Islam recently.

Chennai: The popular Tamil film actress Monika—who is known for her films like Azhagi and Silanthi has converted to Islam and her new name is M G Rahima.

Monika’s parents are Christians and the actress says after converting to Islam she will no longer be acting in films.

Monika started her career as a child artist in Avasara Police 100.

She conducted a press meeting at RKV Studio where she said, “I started my career in cinema as a child artist, completed 70 films. I have done all this with the full support of my audience. The word “thanks” is not enough for the affections I have received from you.”

She added, “I didn’t convert for love or money; I am not such a person. I like the principles of Islam, so I converted to Islam. I will give more information about my marriage to the media after my parents arrange it—and I give my real thanks to my dad because of his full support. I have changed my name to M.G.Raheema (M – Maruthi Raj (father), G-Gracy (mother)). Hereafter I won’t act in the film—it causes me some pain—but I won’t change my mind.”

Recently there has been a tide of conversions by famous Indian celebrities to Islam.  Before Monika there was the Oscar winner musician AR Rahman, and the popular musician Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Times of India


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