Tawheed Center Open House & Health Fair

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Tawheed Center Open House & Health Fair

By Noor H. Salem


From 10am to around 4pm on Saturday the Tawheed Center of Farmington, MI had their doors open. They welcomed families of both Muslims and Non-Muslims and had different events at the same time. In the huge banquet hall on the first floor was the Open House event, with very nice frames assembled along the entire edge of the room, explaining different questions of Islam.  In front of each frame sat many brochures with simple questions like “Who is Jesus” or “Status of Women in Islam” and enough information inside to erase misconceptions.  There was also very nice artwork in a few of the frames. On some of the tables sat a notebook for feedback, and many were impressed with what they have seen.

On the other side of the wall dividing the banquet hall was the recreation and lunch area. Lunch was free for all and was from La Marsa. There was a table with free Henna art and calligraphy, and quite some professionals doing the skill. There was a mosque tour, a Q & A session, and fun for the kids outside: jumping in the moonwalk.

In the gym the health fair took place. Doctors sat on individual tables and welcomed patient to have a fair amount of privacy. There was free blood sugar testing, blood pressure check, blood testing for assessment for stroke, heart disease with subsequent counseling, and male and female physicians for counseling patients one on one. There were also a few tables for health check on the second floor for privacy of the ladies.  Many people seemed quite impressed with the event overall.


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