Terrorism Equals Fascism

By Dr. Aslam Abdullah, TMO Editor-in-chief

Fascists typically seek to form a mass movement of militants who are willing to engage in violence against their perceived enemies. Fascism opposes communism, religion, conservatism, democracy, individualism, liberalism, materialism, pacifism and political pluralism.

Those who orchestrated and engineered the Mumbai Carnage were fascists. They were neither Muslims, nor Hindus, nor Jews nor Christians nor atheists. They did not believe in human dignity. They violated every principle that is upheld by religion and by philanthropic ideologies. They were not concerned with the sanctity of human life.

They did not care about children who lost their parents, mothers who lost their children and people in general who had nothing to do with the many conflicts going on in our world today.

One can blame whomever one wants for Mumbai. But giving blame will not define the problem nor offer any solution.

Terrorism in the garb of fascism is a phenomenon that must be studied separately. Its roots are not in any religion. It is founded on the ideology of hatred, chaos, anarchy and social disorder.

Fascists and terrorists might use a religious or political label or claim to be part of a religious group. But they are essentially anti-human as they are driven by hatred and bigotry, and their own shortsightedness as to the importance of treating non-combatants as such.

Some foolish people, also tricked by the false beliefs of terrorists, may consider such deluded people as champions, whether of a faith or of democracy or of freedom, but in reality such people are unfortunately merciless and deluded into believing in structures of thought which are inherently illogical and inane–even the Muslims who believe in terrorism have changed Islam to suit their own political ambitions. 

Those who blame religion for this phenomenon neither understand religion nor fascism.

God in His ultimate mercy and grace does not intend to cause harm to anyone. People harm each other and blame God for that.

God wants everyone to live and enjoy the bounties he has created. People deprive each other of the most essential aspects of religion and blame God. God does not want people to kill each other.

The struggle against terrorism and fascism is indeed a struggle against those tendencies and ideas that refuse to accept human dignity as the fundamental principle of human existence.

We Muslims must not shy  away from taking a strong stand against fascists and terrorists without being defensive. 

There is no justification for murdering people. An act against innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq as as heinous as an attack on people in Mumbai or Islamabad or Thailand.

We cannot have two principles to analyze acts of terrorism.

The Mumbai Carnage must bring people of all faiths closer not only to pray but to take a strong stand against fascists and terrorists.

Let no one be in doubt–we who believe in Merciful Almighty God and His way and oppose all those who kill and spread chaos and confusion in His name. 

And we stand by the innocent victims, and we will do what we can to prevent further senseless violence and to help to support the innocent people of any and all religions who face murder at the hands of those who might call themselves our brothers.

We wish that God’s creation might remain in harmony, and that the lives of those others who share our time on this planet are able to continue to live, in peace and happiness.

We reject the Mumbai atrocities as acts of terror and fascism, whether they were done in the name of Islam or of any other religion or ideology.


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