Texas Muslim Democratic Caucus: “Please vote!” (TMDC)

Press Release from TMDC

1.. TMDC urges all Muslim Texans to exercise their sacred franchise by voting, en masse, in the March 4, 2008 primary elections in the party of their choice.

2.. Even though the deadline for registering to vote in the Texas primary election is passed, a vigorous campaign of continuing voter registration should be continued.

3.. Upon deliberations and after closely examining the positions of various candidates on issues of concern to Muslims in particular and to American citizenry in general, TMDC is ready to endorse the following candidates.

For Democratic nominee for the President of the United States TMDC urges Texas Muslims to cast their vote for Sen. Barack Obama. Obama’s clear, consistent, unequivocal and explicit opposition to the ill-conceived Iraq war, his commitment to bringing health care to all Americans, his youthful energy and idealism as well as the promise of moving the political processes in Washington off the dead-center where they have been stuck unproductively due to partisan intransigence are all irresistible arguments in favor of our recommendation.

For the nomination to represent the Democratic Party in the November 2008 election for the U.S. Senate, TMDC recommends Texas State Representative Lt. Colonel Rick Noriega to all the Muslim voters in Texas when they go to cast their votes in the March 4, 2008 primary election. The reasons for our recommendation include Mr. Noriega’s legislative experience, his service to our country in the Afghan theater and his demonstrated friendship for and sensitivities toward Muslims and their concerns. His three opponents in the primary election lack a record of service, experience or leadership qualities and some of them can simply not be taken seriously as potential members of that August body called the Senate of the United States.

At his juncture, TMDC is not offering Texas Muslims any guidelines concerning their votes for other offices although additional poll advisories may be forthcoming in the future.

For more information about this press release and/or about TMDC, please call (Ft. Worth) Inayat I. Lalani at (817) 738 6661 (H) OR (817) 504 0636 (M) or assadiq@gmail.com; (San Antonio) Sarwat Husain at (210) 494 4129; (Arlington) Syed Fayyaz Hassan at (682) 429 9954.


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