The Art of Dealing with People According to Ahadith

By Adil James, TMO


Bloomfield–April 4–Imam Masmari spoke to about 100 people at the Unity Center about dealing with people according to the prophetic traditions–he emphasized kindness and treating people with respect, and repeated the teaching of a leader from Imam Masmari’s ancestral home who repeated the same few khutbas every Jumu’ah and when prompted to change the khutbas said that he would immediately and happily stop giving khutbas on the day when the people in the village began following the advice he had offered in the other khutbas.

The pattern Imam Masmari chose was to emphasize several principles and illustrate each with ahadith.  He emphasized being diplomatic with people, giving advice in private instead of embarrassing them in public, and he advised being tolerant with people  with known sins or mistakes.


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