The Asian Masculine Imbalance

By Elder George

The theme of much of what I write about focuses on the feminine and materialistic Western society, which has established a structure that promotes the acquisition of material things and maximum self-indulgence. It has destroyed the family structure and all values necessary for the propagation and preservation of the species including its spiritual development. It is decadent and consequently imploding.

A perception sometimes develops that I am anti woman because I continually refer to the decadent, feminine, materialistic, and Western society. That is not the case; the issue is the imbalance of gender in Western society. It does not understand gender differences or what the Chinese refer to as the Yin and Yang of life, and attempts to run with the Yin only. Society cannot remain ignorant of gender relationships and survive.

You might ask if there are situations of male imbalance that produce negative effects on society and the answer is yes. While I consider Europe to represent the feminine principle, I also consider Asia to represent the masculine principle. Europe deals with what is seen, Asia deals with what is unseen. All of the technological developments of the European have come from concepts and principles from outside itself, from Asia or Egypt.

Asia developed structures based on societal function. It refined the family structure, which Confucius elaborated on in great detail. In general, Asia tends to be iconoclastic (the masculine extreme) whereas Europe tends to worship icons (the feminine extreme). Not understanding the universal principle of gender Asian society used natural male authority to dominate and abuse rather that to inspire and lead.

Author Salman Rushdie wrote that in terms of crimes against women, the Muslim world is second to none. Rushdie does not understand that the crimes against women are a result of the Asian imbalance of gender and are no more a function of Islam than the than the European feminine society is a function of Christianity.

I do not devote much writing to the imbalance of gender in Asia because its culture is passing. China is communistic, which is a European export as is the capitalism of Japan. India becomes more Western by the minute. The East Asian Muslim countries are the last holdout of patriarchy and the West is determined to destroy that culture as part of its plan for a one world government devoid of religion and gender.

There are no perfect places in this world, but the best societal balance of gender can be found in Africa. It contains a patriarchal and polygamous culture based on function and understanding rather than governmental and religious law. While Asia produced family structure, Africa produced family life. There is a joy of living in Africa that generally does not exist in Asia. African women exude happiness.

The Sun does not abuse the Earth even though it controls its environment. The Lion does not abuse the lioness or the pride, nor does the buck abuse the doe or the herd. Patriarchy, which is the natural expression and balance of gender, works for the benefit of all. The abuse of any member of society does not work for the benefit of all and its practice will ultimately bring down that society.   

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