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The Attack on Patriarchy

Elder George

By Elder George

When we refer to light and dark, hot and cold, and noisy and quiet, we tend to think of six influences, but upon examination we find only three. Regarding light and dark, we can only control light, which we can either add or remove, but we cannot create dark. We can only add or remove heat, but we cannot make cold (refrigerators remove heat from the food and dump it into the kitchen, and air conditioners remove heat from the room and dump it outside). We cannot make quiet, we can only add or remove noise. There are lighting, heating, and sound engineers; dark, cold, and quiet engineers do not exist.

Two assertive influences cannot accomplish anything; they would oppose each other. Each Solar system contains but one Sun. Each family has only one head. This natural arrangement known as patriarchy came into being when God created the physical universe. Every society in the world practiced some form of patriarchy except Europe. One would think that this fact alone would indicate that European society is an aberration. Instead it is looked upon as a leader because of its material gain. Sufi al Hasan al Basri in referring to Jesus and material gain said, “This world has neither worth nor weight with God, so slight it is…It was offered to our Prophet (s), with all its keys and treasures…but he refused to accept it, and nothing prevented him from accepting it—for there is naught that can lessen him in God’s sight, but he disdained to love what his Creator hated.”

The major factor motivating people to pursue the Western way of life is the desire for material gain, an objective that all scripture indicates warrants our avoidance. The pursuit of individual freedom and material gain has become and obsession in all societies influenced by the West. When money and matters material become an object of pursuit for their own ends morals and ethics disappear, or more correctly, when morals and ethics disappear the pursuit of materiality and self-indulgence become paramount.

The patriarchal structure preserves morals and ethics; its purpose is the propagation and preservation of the species and its spiritual development. Therefore, the West in its efforts to promote a one-world government devoid of gender and religion makes intensive efforts to destroy patriarchy, and the last major stronghold can be found in the practice of Islam.

The West has no problem with the tenets of Islam; it just wants to neuter its influence, which is done by the imposition of democracy. Removing male authority makes of religion a toothless tiger. Proof of this can be seen in American Christendom. The rate of divorce among Christians has increased to the level of those who have no religious affiliation whatsoever. The ten states that comprise the Bible Belt have a rate of divorce 50% higher than the national average. Women no longer cover their heads in church, and are elevated to clerical positions.

These effects of the breakdown of patriarchy have already shown up in the American Islamic community. Increasing numbers of imams complain that they get more calls from Muslims asking about divorce than from those asking about marriage. Family courts now have increasing numbers of Muslims on the docket. Muslimas are encouraged to have “careers” other than being wives and mothers.

The effect in the West of the destruction of patriarchy is societal chaos and decadence. “Such are those who buy the life of the world at the price of the Hereafter. Their punishment will not be lightened, neither will they have support.”

Elder George’s website is www.mensaction.net and he can be reached at 212-874-7900 ext. 1329.


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