The Coming Increase in Crime

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The Coming Increase in Crime

By Elder George

This article will address the proclivity for crime in our society, the last topic in the series of the seven major issues affecting society. I have taken this topic out of sequence and saved it for last because of my concern for the emotional impact it might generate among those who have already been frightened by governmental authorities into wanting surveillance cameras and electronic tracking devices for their security.

The promotion and use of these devices has little to do with current criminal activity or immediate threats to our safety; they are a means of watching and controlling the populace. The government’s own statistics indicate that crime has fallen in the aggregate and in most categories over the last 20 years. This information would negate any need for the increased surveillance imposed upon us other than the continual promotion of the likelihood of terrorist attacks. Still, the installation of surveillance cameras and security devices occurs at an ever-increasing rate.

Why, if crime has fallen, do we put more of our brothers in prison?  We have the highest total number of men in prison of any nation. Stated more glaringly, America has 5% of the of world’s population and 25% of its prisoners—an alarming statistic and something you might want to reflect upon, especially if you have sons. The proponents of strong prison sentences point to reduced crime as resulting from that practice. By their reasoning if all the men were put in prison crime would be eliminated entirely. We certainly seem to be moving in that direction.

A statistic previously mentioned in this column—that America has the most violent boys in the world—would tend to support the need for early incarceration. Its proponents would argue that we had better get the most violent boys off the streets before they become the most violent men and really do us damage.

Why does this land of material abundance produce the most violent boys in the world? What motivates them to commit crimes? What kind of value structure do they have?

In last week’s column Lack of Morals and Ethics in Western Society, I pointed out that men of ethics build organizations, and that without ethics all organizations will collapse. 90% to 95% of the boys and men in prison came from broken homes; they were raised without fathers, they were not exposed to ethics, and they have few morals.

The prospects for crime are growing rapidly as we churn out more children raised without the benefit of a family environment. When these children roam the streets in a society that appears to be in the throes of severe economic collapse the potential for thievery and all sorts of crime will increase. The amoral environment in which they were raised, and the lack of identification with members of society, will have left them without regard for anyone.

The powers that influence our nation know what they have created by removing male authority, destroying the family, and making religion impotent. They have removed all ethics from society and reduced our behavior to what is legal and illegal. They have paved the way for a police state, which will be the only option left to maintain order and relative safety. Increased surveillance is part of the preparations for that eventuality.

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