The Drive to One-World Government

By Elder George

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at the inauguration ceremony of new head of National Center for Globalization Studies, “mankind’s gravest need today is a global government.” Former President George H. W. Bush said the same thing at a speech last year, as did the feminists at the International Conference of women in Beijing, China in 1995. Part of the implementation of this one world government calls for the elimination of gender and religion in government and society in general. Of course when gender is removed from society religion automatically disappears.

President Ahmadinejad added, “The Center for Globalization Studies must be a very dynamic center, able to take long studies forward, thanks to the presence of thinkers and intellectuals from various academic fields, able to pursue globalization discussions throughout the world.” The emphasis on thinkers and intellectuals are those people who have accepted Western materialistic thought in lieu of spiritual insight.

Besides President Ahmadinejad, many Muslim leaders now embrace Western thought. Several years ago President Sucarnoputri of Indonesia stated that her country must become more like the West; she indicated that its Gross Domestic Product must increase and the military expand. As part of this Westernization she recommended that young women go to college rather than marry early and have children. The young women have complied and eventually they will enter the work force and add to the productivity of the nation. President Sucarnoputri didn’t take into consideration the fact that the rate at which women leave the home to go to college or to work is proportional to the decline in marriage and increase in divorce and general moral decline. President Kadhafi of Libya in a recent visit to France, and flanked by his unit of women-only bodyguards, staked his claim to be a defender of the feminist cause. “Amazon” guards, all highly trained recruits from an elite Libyan officers’ academy, scanned the crowd from the edge of the stage from which he spoke. The oil wealth of these heads of state has replaced spiritual understanding and religious teaching as the power in their lives.

Proposing that the rule of single law in the entire world is a bare necessity for mankind, Ahmadinejad said, “The existence of a thousand laws in the world, and then expecting that the global society would reach a status of equilibrium, justice, and tranquility is wishing for the impossible.”

The number of laws in any society increases as the authority of men decreases. The United State has more litigation than the rest of the world combined. What Ahmadinejad and all the “one world” proponents want is a more efficient method of control. They have absorbed the Western concept of “efficiency” and they seek the efficient control of human kind. The Koran states, “Do not depart this life except as one who has submitted to Him.” Now it is one thing to submit to God and quite another to submit to some world leader with one set of rules for all people; not that the people have chosen these rules, but that these rules have been imposed upon them.

These “one world” proponents have forgotten their spiritual roots, if they ever had any, and seek to enslave humankind. They are the wrongdoers, who debar others from the path of God and seek to make it crooked. These are the people who repay the grace of God with unbelief and drive their people into the house of perdition. It is written, “In Hell shall they burn.”


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