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The Israeli Attempt to Shut Your Reporter

By Geoffrey Cook, TMO

Pinole  (Calif.)–May 27th–I’ve been most stressed out this past two weeks because of the largest Israeli IT (computer) company Conduit in league with the American Octopus Google, an extremely bad corporate citizen here in the States, has Virtually attacked me for criticism of the Likkud establishment in the Israeli capitol. It seems Google has become yet another apparent American tool of the Mossed, not to mention of the (U.S.) National Security Agency (NSA) as the majority of the American telecommunication and cyber industry has become.  Because the (Google) Chrome (Browser) is in the business of redirecting and taking over the (Internet) browsers of their competitors, such as the MS IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) to sell “soap” (advertisement).  If you are running both MS IE and Chrome (which was mandated by a United States Federal Court to avoid a monopoly), check the Chrome, and you will find the browsing history of the IE is in a reduplicated log in the Chrome.  For safety, you should clear your caches and history in your default browser, to avoid spying, there are many utilities on Microsoft, but it is pretty a manual process in the Chrome.  One of the ways, Chrome accomplishes its hijacking of other browsers and spying on its customers (usually for commercial purposes) is through the Conduit malware it purchases from Israel.

I strongly suspect an (Israeli) State-level action by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces’) cyber-warfare Unit 8200, whose motto is “The IDF needs a few good hackers,” is responsible against myself and against the Muslim Observer for exposing that government’s “suspected” unlawful War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity in violation of the occupation of the now overwhelmingly Islamic Palestine.

My machine has been leaned of several rogue.agent bots in the boot sector by my IT outsourcer that means the spies wished to know whenever I was online. I’ve been working with constant hard drive optimization scans and spyware malware detectors.  I did find about two trojans myself (a sophisticated form of spyware which sometimes can act s as a destructive virus also) plus a myriad of tracking cookies – some of which are not used for commercial purposes.

The strangest thing is my Internet Service Provider (ISP) runs its e-mail on a premium form of Yahoo, but I,  luckily, have an encrypted Outlook account, also, plus two gmail accounts.  So, I can by-pass my central account to mail out, for Microsoft kept warning me of entering that central account. 

A.T. & T. in the States were helpful, but they could not solve the problem.  (I discovered on my own it was the Yahoo redirection virus, which seemingly had been planted by Conduit to spy on my correspondence, and, since they use that technology they should be trained in its support.)   They redirected me to a Back Office unit in India which specialized in browser problems for American Telegraph and Telephone (A.T. & T.) who were actually obnoxious, who when they gave me incorrect instructions on Remote Control, turned me purposely over from the telephone to written chat until the connection closed by MS for security reasons, I gave a scathing survey, for which I received an apology, but I plan to complain to the central office in the States on the impolite and unprofessional interchange with their offshore contractors.

Friday (the 23rd), a day I should have been in service to you my community of readers, I  wasted in coping with these idiots.  (One of the [foreign] techies in India went into his native bureaucratic mannerism questioning the order request by sending it for an OK [accha] – I have lived in India, and have a doctorate in South Asian Regional Studies – to the financial office to approve the order instructions from the U.S.A.) 

(I am afraid, with the apparent Islamophobic recently-elected fascist-like Modi-led Government, not only prejudice against Muslims will increase, but, also, will anti-Americanism as well.) I was purposely put on hold so long that the computer cut-off from remote due to the program’s security protections.

It seems we have erased the infection, but (Israel’s) Conduit had already directed me to sites that downloaded “Freeware” outside my control, and, thereby, the damage was done.  That is the way the Conduit-malware works, and outspoken Muslims – especially those who stand-up for justice in the occupied State of Palestine which, of all things, the Romish Bishop (Pope) of Rome has declared a nation by nature independent of the Zionist Juggernaut! 

Further, if you defend the right of Iran to build a reasonable nuclear defense against the only entity that has an overwhelming regional capacity in that field – Tel Aviv – for its (Tehran’s) self-defense, you, too, will become a target of the Jewish fundamental religious fanatic right in that Levant country. 

(Believe me, from one who was raised as a religious minority around a mainly Jewish-American high-school, and later in my  professional life I interacted with a large number of secular Jews, the right-wing in Tel Aviv that holds sway, are an apparition to their co-religionists within Israel itself and in their Diaspora.)

Unfortunately, the Jewish State has let the genii out of the bottle in the weapons field, making the Middle East the most dangerous region in the world!  Even with a dying computer I shall fight the misrepresentation of Moloch against the aggrieved in wailing Rahul’s Ramallah!

In researching the program I found all the techy Yahoo groups’ pages were, also, blocked to me as dangerous.  I went up to an A.T. & T. bulletin-board which gave me a-work-around of clearing the caches and cookies.  This worked for a while, but, when I put back my virtual tools, I was blocked again.  I went up into another bulletin board that said the cause was the Yahoo Redirection Virus.  On another board a Microsoft engineer suggested the same thing, but afterwards to run an anti-spyware program over the machine.  I did find some lesser tracking spy-bots, but my anti-virals, which are the Russian, Kaspersky builds, are a commercial version made for the KGB, the Russian Federation’s spy agency.  (I had been able to upgrade them to KGB level, though.)  What is amazing is Conduit was able to turn off the Kaspersky boot section protectors which let the rogue.agents settle there with such strong AV (anti-virus).

I still get a warning from Kaspersky from Moscow that there is spyware on my e-mail (.amp) which means they wish to spy on my mail and communication.  This political attack for standing up for the ummah al-Islamiyah is too common, and should be guarded against, and you should be aware of it before it gets out of hand against your personal interests.

The biggest problem of my shrinking hard drive — which has shrunk 60 gigabits in the last five days — I truly believe it is for my exposing the brutality of the Hebrew State because traces of the bots come from a corporation headquartered in the Israeli State, and it has been done twice within the past four years! (I have been a stringer for over a decade now for this paper.)

If any of my reader are experts in cyber security and/or forensics – especially if you are in the San Francisco / Silicon (Valley) Bay Area — I would like to consult with you to understand how this was done, and how I can get up and running again in service to the American-Muslim community. If so please consult with my Managing Editor in the Detroit-area offices of this paper.


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