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The Message in “Generations Rising” 51st ISNA Convention

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin, TMO


Br. Sohaib Sultan.

The 51st annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) certainly the largest annual gathering of Muslims in the United States seems to moving to even higher ground as plans for the Labor Day weekend convention take shape.  Led by Brother Sohaib Sultan, ISNA Executive Council Member, a cadre of primarily young, energetic Muslims is excited about the opportunity to produce put this program together.  The theme of this year’s convention, GenerationsRise – Elevating Muslim American Culture, says it all.  We’re all working together.

The organizing CPC met at ISNA headquarters recently to begin the task of designing the entire program working in conjunction with local communities, particularly the host city of Detroit, Michigan.  The CPC promises to add new and exciting additions to the programs while maintaining the vision and mission that has built the organization to what is today – the right blend of “young energy” and experienced caution” According to Br. Sohaib Sultan, the “s” was intentionally left on Generations as a sign of the inclusion of the entire Muslim community.

This year a special emphasis will be focused on interacting with the host city.  The CPC has decided that no longer will ISNA chose a city,  go to that city, and leave that city without  reflecting the flavor of that host city, and intends to continue that direction in future conventions. 

For instance the City of Detroit is known as having a rich history in many areas including the Motor City, Motown, great museums and other institutions, including the largest African American museum in the country.  The Detroit area is also home to the City of Dearborn which is rich with Arab and Muslim culture and is also home to the largest Arab American Museum in the country.         Entertainment and activities will reflect that cultural and ethnic makeup. 

It is also no secret that the City of Detroit is beset with many problems, like other large urban areas.  Unemployment, a large budget deficit that has led to Detroit being the largest city to file for bankruptcy and the operation of the city being taken over by an Emergency Manager are some of the challenges facing the city at present.  ISNA, being sensitive to this, plans to interact with political, civic, and business leaders to leave some positive recognition and assistance in some areas of need.  Bro. Sohaib and the committee are working earnestly to make this, the best ever.  We anticipate a great gathering.

As Salaam alaikum,
(Al Hajj) Imam Abdullah El-Amin

Author of the recently released book, THE SPIRITUAL ADAM: Reflections to tap into our power as human beings


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