The Muslim Unity Center (MUC) Seeking a qualified candidate for Saturday School Director

The Muslim Unity Center (MUC) Seeking a qualified candidate for Saturday School Director

(Upper middle and high grade levels):


●    Strong skills in public relations, communications and networking skills.
●    Proven Knowledge of the Quran and Islamic Studies
●    Five years experience in the Education Profession and Administration.
●    Fluency in English is a must; good proficiency in Arabic is highly preferred.
●    Strong leadership skills; as well as teamwork abilities.
●    Legal Resident Status.


The Director is an employee of MUC and reports to MUC Board of Directors.  Will work closely with MUC Educational Committee and Liaison to the MUC Board of Directors to ensure strong communication compatibility with MUC Bylaws; as well as continued School success.

●    Lead Educator and Administrator, responsible for the Management and Implementation of all Administrative Policies and Procedures supporting the Vision of MUC; as well as provide a healthy Islamic environment for the Student Body.
●    Mentor as well as Supervisor of Staff members and all affairs related to them; i.e. Staff Evaluations, Participation, Replacement; as well as, Continued Education and Staff Development Opportunities.
●    Developer and implementer of appropriate Curriculum, Scheduling and extra-curricular activities.
●    Controller and Manager of the School Budget and its allocation.  Upon the approval of the MUC Board Treasurer on a monthly and annual basis, as indicated.
●    Lead Disciplinarian, develop and implement the School Disciplinary Policy.

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