The Neglect of Our Youth

By Elder George

At least one million of our youth belong to street gangs. Girls at the ages of 10 and 11 participate in sex clubs in grade school, even in parochial schools. Pregnancies now occur to 40% of teenagers. A government statistic indicates that America has the most violent boys in the world. The third highest cause of teenage death is suicide. These are but a few of the many illustrations of decadent conditions that prevail among our youth.

The cause of these conditions has been the destruction of the natural family environment necessary for the development of children. 90% of gang members come from broken homes, as do 90% of the men in prison. 24 million children go to bed at night without a father in the home. Only 12% of our 18 year-olds live in homes containing both their natural parents. For all practical considerations the family has been destroyed in America and the effects can be readily seen among our confused, lonely, and forsaken youth.

Government control of all aspects of the life of its citizens is inherent in Western thought. In his Republic, Plato calls for the turning over of all babies to the State with the resultant abandonment of the family structure—a condition contrary to natural order. Whatever is contrary to the natural order deteriorates; increasing numbers of our children are raised in an un-natural environment and their condition has deteriorated.

Children require love and nurturing when they are young and guidance and discipline when they are older. The natural way for them to receive this is through their mothers and fathers. We have denied our children the warmth and security of the home. They have been forsaken. The deliberate breakdown of the family began more than two generations back and it has affected most of society.

Girls no longer understand why they were born females and boys do not understand why they were born males; neither knows their purpose in life. They no longer receive instruction in manhood and womanhood. They no longer dress and act in a manner to attract the opposite sex for the purpose of mating and producing offspring. All standards have deteriorated. Our youth just hang out together with personal gratification being the only objective or even reward, which is temporary at best. I recall reading an article in which a woman college graduate wrote, “What’s a date?” She had not been on one date during her time in college—a very sad situation. People have no sense of purpose; that makes for a dull and impotent existence; conditions that lead to suicide and erratic behavior.
When we address the root cause of our forsaken children their condition will improve. The root cause is the absence of the patriarchal structure, which in turn resulted in the destruction of the family. Either man rules or the government rules, there are no other options. Our forsaken youth are a result of government rule. Children need a safe, secure, and loving environment in which to grow, evolve and belong. It’s not found in government programs. It’s found in family.

Don’t you think its time to reestablish the family as the focal point of society? Men make families—governments destroy them. Patriarchy is family. Men make patriarchy. No men. No family.

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