The Rusty Steel

The rusty steel
Serves as reminder
Of the tears cried here
In this jail
Where I kneel
Locked away
In darkness
No light but One
When trust has gone
None remain
One keeps me strong
Even through this pain
I have failed much
Yet the garden lies here
Where the pains are so much
He is so near
Someday the skin will be new
Where it now hurts to touch
Success lies in the
Pain we feel
Someday all of this
We think is real
Will fade away
Become nothing someday
When we leave this jail
We hoped could not stay
Someday our hearts will
Feel peace from this hurt
Be content
With the trials we face
For if you are loved
You are tested
Never forget the trials
Of those who came before you
Of those who faced them
And have not rested
Keep your paradise
Within your heart
Whatever trial may be
And the greatest reward
Will come to each
It is Allah’s guarantee……….

A Poem by Ayesha Khadija

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