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The Tides Will Change

The tides will change,
The road will curve,
Sometimes it will hurt,
and we will need to swerve.
The pain we’ve felt,
The pain we feel,
The wounds we have,
The time we heal.
The choices we make,
The paths we take,
Will threaten to destroy us,
Don’t let that precious heart break.
The ones we’ve lost,
The ones we’ve found,
The ones who have left us bleeding on the ground.
The One who came,
To heal our hearts,
from the ones who left in them,
their poison darts.
The waves of life,
That wash over us,
attempting to defeat,
and weaken us.
The One who promised,
He would not leave us,
is the One,
who we must trust.
We will lose some along the way,
the ones who are true,
are the ones who will stay.
The ones who have hurt us,
as a memory they pass,
and the sands of time,
count down the hourglass.
Make the time count,
every moment you spend,
for every moment you know not,
when the moment will end.

A poem by Ayesha Khadija


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