Letter to the Editor — TMO Almost as Good as Ice Cream

Muslim Media Network

Letter to the Editor — TMO Almost as Good as Ice Cream

Dear Muslim Media Network,

Peace on you all, and ALLAH’s Mercy and HIS Blessings! If He wills, may this humble correspondence find you all well and striving on His Straight Way!

All praise is for Allah! And may He reward you abundantly for granting me—His undeserving slave—my Muslim Observer subscription.  I’m serving Natural Life, so I’m here for as long as Allah wills (impatiently) awaiting the next issue.  Besides death, the Judgment and Allah’s Mercy (I pray!), the occasional letter from family, a good book and ice cream, TMO is one of the few things I have to look forward to.  I read all the stories, study the Muslim biographies (and wait for the opportunity to inform others of where their inventions, medicines and philosophies come from), do the Sudoku puzzles, and dream about making Fizza’s recipes for my imaginary Muslim family; I even do everything in the kids’ corner (smile).  Harun Yahya, Imam El-Amin and Elder George’s articles on page 4—e.g., last week’s “Nobody will be able to lie in the hereafter,” “Find your peace using Allah’s Peace” and “Signs of the End Times” are different, but go together so well.  Your world coverage of the Muslim world and the upcoming election is honest and fair.  I pass them around to all the Muslims here and have gotten Christian and non-religious friends to over-stand what’s happening in our world.  And when they finish reading them I get them back and read them again! Thank you, MMN

Sadiq ibn Crump
Newberry Correctional Facility


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