TMO Endorses Sen. Obama

By Dr. A. S. Nakadar, CEO


The world is in turmoil, and America is passing through a phase where it has lost its credibility, respectability and moral standing amongst the nations of the world.

The two ravaging wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, add fuel to the turmoil. The national economy is in a tailspin, and a polarized country needs direction to get out of this quagmire.

The American people are looking for a “New Start” to deal with foreign affairs, to improve global understanding of America, to address the current financial mess, to restore faith in the government and to return competence to the White House.

America needs a leader with a cool temperament, a steady hand– a person who can build consensus among warring nations and within this nation. The world is looking for a different approach to the problems other than machismo. Considering the many facets the world faces, this election will prove to be a watershed year in the history of America and the world.

Sen. Obama has demonstrated better judgment than McCain–first by opposing the Iraq war from the start. On the issue of Afghanistan, we disagree with his judgment to intervene unilaterally in Pakistan to act directly against “high value targets.” But we like his willingness to make dialog with any regime, friendly or rogue, before committing to sanctions, economic or diplomatic, or before using military force.  In fact this is breath of fresh air, after the past seven years of one-sided bullying of enemies and friends, of ugly posturing and of bloody tactics, of “with us or against us,” and we hope that this act of speaking with other foreign leaders will avert not only wars and more limited conflict,  and build many diplomatic relationships. 

Obama has also said he will close the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, which has damaged America’s moral standing.  Cuba has become the home to two ugly stains on America’s history–the Bay of Pigs and Guantanamo Bay.

The leadership of Sen. Obama transcends traditional boundaries in fields of race, politics, ethnicity and religion.

He has been harsh on the failures of the current leadership and administration, yet he does not use his rhetoric to demonize Republicans.

He upholds his core value and defends his progressive vision with vigorous integrity. That is how he has appealed to independents and marginal Republicans. In his own physical body he embodies American unity, and transcends many of the lines that divide us by race, ethnicity, religion, and certainly party affiliation–this is also a core value of his.

The million dollar question is: can a swing from far-right conservatism to left-leaning liberalism foster unity and an economic upswing during his first four years? But this is what Sen. Obama has instilled in us throughout his campaign, “Hope and Optimism.”  The future will bring us the truth. At present we have nothing more to lose. 

If Sen. Obama wins the election 2008 will become a watershed year in American history. It will advance America’s progress towards equality and inclusiveness. It will create a sense of belonging to a large section of disenfranchised and neglected minority who would become more productive with unprecedented vigor and zeal. It may become comparable to Abraham Lincoln’s extraordinary courage in the civil war, or the civil rights movement for African Americans, or the equal rights movement that secured a woman’s right to votes.


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