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TMO Youth: staff

Jumana Abusalah, “On Looking Deeper”

“Sometimes it looks like the world is okay. As if things are getting better and justice is being served. But only on the surface. Look just a little deeper and you’ll realize that we’re just bandaging the situation. There is an unconscious internal bias within us that we don’t recognize, and until we do, the system will remain flawed.”

Faraz Ansari, “On Current Events”

“These silly issues only become important because we give attention to them. The important thing is that we stay open-minded and stay far away from bigotry.”

Sameed Khan, “On Self-Worth”

“We have to stop easuring ourselves by labels, like grades, GPA, and so on. But if we do, then we should measure it by how many hearts we’ve touched.”

Hasan Ansari, “On the News and Us”

“I think our biggest problem today is selective information. Part of this problem comes from the corporatization of news outlets and the other part stems from our own lazitness and ignorance. If we only take information from our own political or religious circles, we’re missing part of the picture. The solution is that we have to make the effort to be educated.


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