TMO Youth: YOUR narrative

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TMO Youth: YOUR narrative

Assalam wa’Alaikum! The TMO Youth Production team is excited beyond words to present the first release of TMO Youth — a newspaper and media outlet for what is going to be our narrative and ours only! Inshallah, we hope this grows to become a prime space for Muslim youth all over to share their ideas, feelings, opinions and thoughts on our reality and what we can do about it. Most of all, we want this to be a source for conversation, a spark for ideas and an inspiration for movements. In the long journey to get there, we ask for your feedback, thoughts, and participation in helping us understand what you want to see out of this production. And du’a. We’re begging for that du’a. Please. Allah willing, we become more than a source of brief entertainment, but a place for talk, for dialogue and for a youthful discourse on everything from basketball to racism.

We rely on your input!

If you have any ideas about ways we can improve, or would like to contribute an article or a Fresh Thought, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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