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Triple Digit Population Increase–Some Texas Cities Record in Census 2010

There were some surprises in population figures when the results of the 2010 decennial census information were released last week in Texas. Some cities saw triple digit increases in their populations.

Frisco City had the biggest percent change in population (among cities with current populations of 50,000 or more) with a 247 percent change. The population of 33,714 in 2000 increased to 116,989 in 2010. Other triple digit percentage increases were 142.4 percent for Pearland (from 37,640 in 2000 to 91,252 in 2010), McKinney with a 141.2 percent increase (from 54,369 in 2000 to 131,117 in 2010) and Mansfield with a change of 101.1 percent (from 28,031 in 2000 to 56,368 in 2010).

The remaining top 10 cities with the largest percent change in cities with populations of 50,000 and higher were Allen with 93.4 percent, Atascocita with 84.1 percent, League City with 83.9 percent, Mission City with 69.7 percent, The Woodlands with 68.6 percent and Round Rock with 63.4 percent.

Houston held on to the top spot as the most populous city in the state with a 2010 population of 2,099,451. That figure was up from the 2000 census count of 1,953,631. San Antonio ranked as the second most populous city with 1,327,407 counted, compared to 2000’s figure of 1,144,646. Dallas showed a much smaller increase to hold down third place. The city’s 2000 population of 1,188,580 increased only to 1,197,816 by 2010.

Austin held down the fourth spot in the population rankings with a population of 790,390, up from the 2000 figure of 656,562. Fort Worth showed a large increase – from 534,694 in 2000 to 741,206 in 2010. The remaining top 10 in population in descending order were El Paso, which increased from 563,662 to 649,121 over the 10-year period; Arlington, whose population increased from 332,969 to 365,438; followed by Corpus Christi, with a 10-year increase from 277,454 to 305,215; Plano with an increase from 2000’s figure of 222,030 to 259,841 in 2010; and Laredo, which saw its 176,576 population in 2000 grow to 236,091 in 2010.


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