Unity Center Saturday Program for High School Students

By Adil James, TMO

The Unity Center is beginning a Saturday program for high school students, and held an open house to promote the program Saturday. The school is planned to begin on the 22nd, parents were invited Saturday to learn about it. 

As Imam Masmari explained to TMO, “the school is a new program that we have for high school kids,” designed to address the lack of any program for them when in fact there are similar programs for middle school.

The school has very successful teachers, and will have four levels for the different grades.  Every year the school is intended to focus on a different subject or theme, and the overall program is designed to strengthen the children’s understanding of Islam, and to educate them in their own religion; “that is the main goal,” said Imam Masmari.

The school expects about 50 students this year.

The high school students’ school is planned for Saturday, while the middle school students are calendared to continue to meet on Sundays. 

One of the teachers is from Ann Arbor, Shaykh Ahmad Mabrook for Qur`an (he is an instructor with the Unity Center’s hifz program), Imam Masmari will teach Islamic studies.  This year the theme will be Sayyidina An-Nawawi’s 40 Ahadith. 

To find out more, please contact the Unity Center. 248-857-9200.


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