Valley of Saints

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7/15/07 Musa Syeed is directing a movie entitled “Valley of Saints,” which focuses on several themes including the tragic environmental conseauences of development, the love of one’s homeland, and a man’s desire to leave his homeland in search of a better life.

In the film, by writer/director Musa Syeed, “a young Kashmiri boatman teams up with Julie, an American scientist, to save his poor community on Dal Lake from environmental eviction.”

The screenplay won the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Feature Film Production Award for its portrayal of conservation issues, and Musa Syeed was named one of the “Ten Filmmakers to Watch in 2010” by the Independent Magazine in anticipation of the project.

Musa Syeed is the son of Dr. Sayyid Syeed, long involved with ISNA at its highest levels.  Dr. Syeed was born in Kashmir six years before the British withdrew from the Indian subcontinent in 1947.

Dr. Syeed worked with many different Islamic organizations including IIIT and ISNA.


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