WANTED: Director of Religious Affairs

Islamic Foundation North (IFN) is seeking a Director of Religious Affairs for our growing American Muslim community in Lake County IL, which is located in the north suburbs of Chicago.  This position will especially focus on the engagement, development and guidance of the youth in our community through overseeing educational programming, along with providing counseling and religious services to the entire community (Jummuah Khutbah, Eid Khutbah, Leading Salawaat etc.)   


• Formal degree in traditional Islamic Studies from a recognized institution of higher learning
• Comprehensive knowledge of the Quran (recitation, interpretation and memorization), Sunnah and Islamic studies (including Seerah, Fiqh and contemporary issues)
• Must be able to interact with and relate to youth, as well as engage, teach, mentor and counsel them
• Must be able to develop youth/educational programs on various topics that serve the community’s needs
• Ability to work with individuals/groups not of the Muslim faith (such as interfaith, schools, civic, media)
• May support other religious needs or duties as needed (such as leading daily prayers and Friday sermons)
• Ability to deal with a diverse community, including all age groups, women and children
• Good understanding of American culture/traditions, while having a broad perspective of other cultures
• American born/raised or US educated with eligibility to work in the US
• Fluent or well-versed in English and Arabic (written and oral)
• Excellent communication with computer, presentation and interpersonal skills
• Excellent moral character, flexibility, amiability, patience and wisdom


• Having worked at other Islamic centers in the US and have led initiatives with benefit to the community
• Ideally would have strong leadership skills to empower various segments of a community
• Knowledge of other languages would be a plus (such as Urdu or other languages)

To apply, please send a statement of interest, resume, three references and salary requirements to apply@ifnonline.com.

We offer a competitive compensation package and benefits, commensurate with experience.  For more information about IFN, please visit our website at www.ifnonline.com.


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