Ways to Have Fun over Labor Day Weekend

By Nidah Chatriwala, TMO

Labor Day is one day where hard working professionals and students, who get the day off, celebrate their achievements in various ways.

According to historians, Labor Day was made a holiday to recognize workers for their contributions to social and economic growth.

So, well done to all who have worked diligently to get to where they are today. Now, here are a few ways on how to utilize this holiday to the fullest.

Plan a trip!

For those who enjoy traveling, consider the following wallet-friendly holiday destinations to enhance Labor Day spirit.

Daytona Beach: Family Fun in the Sun

The MTV party hub has now been made family-friendly offering entertainment for adults and festivals for kids of all ages.

Lake Tahoe: Fun for the Adventurous Souls

If you live near California, then start booking a rental car and make a plan to head to Lake Tahoe for some boat racing, watch impressive fireworks and taste delicious foods by notable chefs.
The Jersey Shore: Hotspot for Beach Lovers

Even after the natural disasters, the Jersey Shore remains to me one of the highly visited beaches. This Labor Day weekend consider paying a visit to Jersey Shore’s stylish waterparks.
Local Labor Day Fun!

Can’t afford to fly or drive out of town this weekend? No problem! There’s always plenty to do locally. Here are a few suggestions.

Hiking: If weather permits, then gather up a team and choose a trail to hike. That will be one new achievement to celebrate this Labor Day.

Volunteer: Check with local chamber of commerce or library to discover volunteering opportunities and help another person feel what it means to be an achiever.
Sporting Event: Take advantage of the time off and head on over to the field or stadium to catch a game of state teams!

Labor Day Cookout: Put on a chef hat, apron or just gather up the best utensils and start creating new cuisines to share with family and friends. That’s one creative achievement right there!
Hopefully the list of Labor Day activities gave our readers some guidance on how to take advantage of this Labor Day weekend. Be safe while having fun!


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