We are a Holy People

By Elder George

This article will appear during what some call Christmas week, Holy week, the Holidays, or The Season of Good Cheer; whatever name we choose to call it, people act more considerate, caring, jovial, and loving of one another during this period.

Why does the season of year determine when we exhibit the more positive attributes of our character? Granted that religious ritual calls upon certain observances and in the process creates an increased awareness of matters spiritual, but these spiritual matters never disappear or even wane. We tend to confuse who we are with time and location. 

The time and space relativities depend upon the movement of the Sun and the Moon; without them we would have no concept of location or time. That consideration might give us a better understanding of the spirit, which always resides within us; it is never ancient or modern, it just is.  Since the spirit always resides within us we always have the ability to act considerate, caring, jovial, and loving; not just on certain days.

God made everyplace, every person and every moment. Every day is a holy day, and every place is a holy place, and every man and every woman is a holy being. We are a holy people standing at a holy place at a holy time. Now. Right now. Always. The only difference between ourselves and any other person depends upon how we manifest our holiness. We do not need the reminder of a certain season in order to have the ability to manifest this holiness; we can always do it.

The world we live in would benefit immensely if we focused on the realization that we are holy at all times and places and conducted ourselves accordingly; religious ritual reminds us to do just that.

We do not have to agree with our brothers or sisters or even like them, for like has to do with personal tastes, but they are all worthy of our love. They live their lives in accordance with their limited understanding of universal truths; as we all do. They travel the often-difficult road of spiritual growth that we all travel.

People unaware of their holiness conduct the corruption that we see in business and government in places high and low, the decadent behavior increasing all around us, and the secularism attacking all matters spiritual. But they too live their lives in accordance within the limited understanding of truth and are worthy of our love. The more love we emit, consideration we show, and care we administer, the better we make our environment. The person who projects these qualities receives the greatest benefit because virtue is always its own reward in all matters.

As we engage in the activities, customs, and mores of this season let us be mindful of the holiness within us and do our best to manifest it not only at this time, but also throughout the year. My wishes to all for a joyous holiday season filled with good cheer and love for all. 

Elder George’s website is www.mensaction.net and he can be reached at 212-874-7900 ext. 1329.


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