Weekly Seerah Night Live & Recreation

By Noor H. Salem

seerah night liveFor more than a year now, many youth and adults joined to listen to Dr. Mohannad Hakeem give his weekly Seerah Night Live lecture at the Dearborn Mosque. The lectures go through the story of the life of the prophet pbuh along with lessons to take home for each and every listener.

Saturday November 3rd was the first day of a Dr. Mohannad’s new season at the Islamic Center of Detroit: Seerah Night Live. The weekly lecture begins at 6:30PM every Saturday. Dr. Mohannad goes through the entire life of the prophet pbuh in depth, with many valuable teachings. The first series is Season 1, and the series will continue now, but at the ICD. Immediately after the event the attendees were invited for recreational fun. They joined for activities, dinner and snacks, and social enjoyment.

Dr. Mohannad created a Seerah Night Live Season 1 Presentation. Feel free to take a look at: http://t.co/0uMcUmgmYj


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