What is Ashoura? SU-SHI (Sunni-Shiite) Debate

By Noor H. Salem, TMO


Dr. Mohannad Hakim decided to change his routine of the Seerah Series this week and focus on a famous topic: Ashoura. With the concentration of different sects in Dearborn, he had many youth approach him recently about confusion and the true differences.

On Saturday November 6th at 6:30pm, over 200 people showed up to his lecture at the ICD. The audience surpassed any other Seerah Lecture in the past. The audience alone proved the importance of the topic to the people. The session was not meant to spread any hate or further division among Muslims. Instead, Dr. Mohannad covered the history of Karbalaa and Ashoura in a very objective form. He discussed these controversial events and was very fair by presenting two sides of the debate. He clarified that no Muslim of any sect approves the killing of Imam Hussein. He briefly discussed why there were issues amongst the companions after the Prophet (s) passed from this dunya and what the true differences are between Sunni and Shiite. He covered Islamic history and tense moments.

The question basket filled up so quickly that Dr. Mohannad had to quicken his lecture to squeeze in time.  More questions will be discussed in detail at the following lecture next week.


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