When Muslims Come Together…We’re Unstoppable

By Imam Abdullah El-Amin, MMNS

When the Muslim peoples of the earth come together and act as one with love, nothing is more beautiful and beneficial to humanity. We are blessed to belong to the most brotherly and sisterly religion – or group of people – in the world. Only in the religion of Al-Islam is there more true brotherhood and sisterhood than anywhere else. A Muslim feels kinship with another Muslim where ever they see each other in the world.

This blessing was witnessed last week when Imam Siraj Wahhaj, amir of the newly-formed Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA) held a fundraising banquet at the Muslim Center in Detroit, Michigan to kick-off the first SHARE Center in America. In attendance and supporting the concept were Muslims from most ethnic groups. MANA was formed to address the needs of mostly underserved populations in the community, but depends on the entire Muslim community to accomplish this task.

The MANA group is a dynamic forward-thinking group that is attracting hundreds of young adult Muslims to become involved. Previously, many of these young people felt no real connection to the spirit of the religion because of what they feel is archaic practices. Seeing the young people disregard racial, ethnic and gender difference is truly heartening.

I am writing this column on the plane en route to Dar es Salaam Tanzania and on this trip I am seeing more evidence of this unique Muslim unity. While on a short layover in Amsterdam, Netherlands, I was walking through the airport and in three separate incidents I was greeted by Muslims. One, a lady obviously dressed as a Muslim, and two men who you couldn’t tell were Muslim. But they all saw me with my white kufi cap on and gave me the greeting of As Salaam alaikum; which I graciously returned. There were other people, who may have been Muslim, but maybe a little shy, who gave me that “knowing look” which I returned as well. No other group of people in the world has this kinship.

While in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, I will be interacting with many Muslim people to try and develop ways and means to combat the rising HIV infection rate of the country. The country and the people are very beautiful, but just like many places in Africa and around the world; it suffers from the crush of colonialism. InshaALLAH, next week I will report on this trip, complete with pictures of the country and its people.

Let us constantly thank ALLAH for the special position He has placed us in throughout the world. All we have to do is respect each other’s differences, as a way of worshipping ALLAH, and His promise manifests itself in our lives. I just love being Muslim. In spite of all the problems, it is the best life…period.


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