Where is UNO? Where is Amnesty International?

By Tariq Tahir


One of the many unspeakable atrocities against Rohingya Muslims in Burma, a small dead child.  This one child is, relative to the other terrible scenes in Burma, only a tiny sample of what has happened there.

Muslims all over the world got terribly shocked to see the slaughtering pictures of Burmese Muslims.  The way the Buddhists and the Burmese army killed the Muslims marked a black spot on the face of humanity.  The dual face of UNO and Amnesty International.  These poor Muslims were killed by cutting, shooting, and burning—innocent children, women, old and young people were shown in horrible scenes.

The dead bodies of tiny little kids look like crushed flowers, with the question—why have we been killed with brutality?

Buddhists and the army used every cruel way to crush and humiliate the Muslims.  According to reports they raped thousands of Muslim women.

This is a huge slap on the face of UNO and Amnesty International, who only mobilize for murders of Jews and Christians, reacting even to the killing of their dogs, but overlooking Palestine, Kashmir, and other affected Muslim nations.

We, being Muslim, should feel this grief and do something according to our best level of IMAN!


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