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White House Honors Adeel Khan

President Bush honored Virginia Tech’s student body president for his leadership in the aftermath of the deadliest shooting rampage in US history.

Mr. Bush presented Adeel Khan with the President’s Volunteer Service Award during a ceremony at the White House to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

The President said Khan’s leadership and poise during last month’s deadly shootings helped to heal the country.

Mr. Bush said: “He took office shortly before the terrible violence hit that campus. He’s had what we call a difficult presidency. And yet he understood the need for leadership. He’s an impressive guy. He worked hard with classmates to organize a campus-wide vigil. He helped bring that important community together. He dealt with the tragedy the way you’d expect a leader to deal with tragedy. This good young man helped lead his fellow students in healing. And we know, as he did so, it helped heal the entire nation.

“We see the true spirit of the Asian Pacific American community in the compassion and decency of citizens like Adeel Khan. We’re grateful for the many contributions that Asian Pacific Americans have made to our nation. We’re proud to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. I congratulate all the honorees.”


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