Why I Am Running for Public office: M. J. Khan

M J Khan With his FamilyDifferent people may have different reasons for seeking a public office.

My personal inspiration springs from the desire to contribute to the society, just as the society made available to me, abundant educational and economic opportunities, over the years.
I feel I can help in the efforts to improve on the quality of education and enable access to higher education possible for our coming generations.

It is a common belief that education begins at home, thus, it is important that through legislation and resources allocation, we promote and preserve sound family values and cultivate wholesome environment for better nurturing of our young ones.

Additionally, we must refine and improve on all levels of school and college education so that our children are successful in an increasingly competitive world.
In short the education is priority number one on my public service agenda.

I also want to dedicate my efforts in helping to grow economic opportunity for residents of District 137, through promoting expansion of existing businesses and in creating a commerce friendly environment for attracting new businesses to our District.

An expanding economic climate should result in greater job opportunities for all residents of our District.

Another important public service goal is to insure crime free and safe neighborhoods.

Good educational environment and an expanding economic climate also demands safe, secure and crime free surroundings to flourish in.

Thus, improving on quality of education, preserving family values, creating economic growth and realizing safe and crime free neighborhoods, are my primary objectives in running for the public office.


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