Why We Are Still in Iraq

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Why We Are Still in Iraq

By Elder George

In reviewing my files I came across a column that I wrote for Muslims Weekly in October 2004 entitled Why We Will Stay In The Middle East. I could reprint that article verbatim today and it would still have validity. Nothing has changed. However, I had included excerpts form this article previously, so to eliminate any redundancy I am including here what I have not mentioned before.

My article stated:

“Our involvement in Iraq and the Middle East still dominates the political scene and consequently the media coverage of the elections. The media seems unable to go beyond the superficial and get down to the essence of our involvement in the Middle East.

No matter who becomes our next president or which party controls congress we will not reduce our presence in Iraq or Afghanistan until we meet two major conditions. The first …

“condition calls for the breaking down of the familial, tribal, cultural, and religious structure of that area; the major impediment to the establishment of a one world socialistic government is patriarchy and the last bastion of patriarchy exists in the Middle East. The second condition calls for the restoration of the Iraqi oil industry with the establishment of the United States as its biggest customer. We will fight to our last resource to see the attainment of these objectives.”

Concerning the first condition, I covered that in my TMO article entitled The Attack on Islam.

My article continued as follows:

“With reference to the second condition, the American economy depends very strongly on the availability of cheap oil. Rebuilding the Iraqi oil industry and making sure that we are its primary customer will give us a reliable source of unlimited oil. It will also make us more independent of Saudi Arabia, which in turn will enable us to interfere more with its internal affairs and continue our efforts to breakdown the familial, tribal, cultural, and religious structure. The next step will be an intensification of the efforts to Westernize Iran. The United States will not leave the Middle East until it attains these conditions regardless of the name of the next President.”

It has been almost four years since I wrote that article. Since then, articles and books have been written against the war, demonstrations have occurred and speeches given, and a change made in Congress from Republican to Democrat control, but our involvement in Iraq has not decreased—it has intensified. There has not been one iota of change in our objectives, nor will there be any.

I wrote 16 years ago in my book Dear Brothers and Sisters, that America would become the Rome of the 21st century. We are now Rome, and our legions are spread all over the world. Wherever they go, they stay. Even Senator John Mc Cain stated we could be in Iraq for 100 years. Of course we could. We’ve been in Germany and Japan for sixty years. Our intention is to make this our world. Articles, speeches, and demonstration are exercises in futility. Nothing will deter these objectives. Nothing.

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