Women Health Seminar in Hamtramck

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Women Health Seminar in Hamtramck

By Nargis Rahman, TMO

Bangladeshi Americans for Social Empowerment will host a free health seminar on diabetes and diet for minority women, at the Hamtramck Public Library on March 11.

This women-only seminar hopes to overcome cultural and religious barriers which may prevent women from getting the answers for everyday to specific women’s health questions from an Oakland University’s William Beaumont School of Medicine’s female doctor or specialist.

Bangla translation is available for Bangladeshi women, which Event Coordinator Subha Hanif said is a target audience for this informational gathering. Hanif, biology major and junior at Oakland University, said minority women may face obstacles when accessing healthcare such as limited or no insurance, seeing irregular physicians, or not asking the right questions.

Hanif said when a woman knows how to take care of herself, the whole family is more likely to follow her path.

Hanif said women should bring their family, friends and neighbors to the seminar.

BASE, a non-profit organization, has hosted two seminars last year, and plans to host others this year.

One Hamtramck, LLC, “An independent progressive organization dedicated to bringing the community together in the diverse city of Hamtramck,” according to the website www.onehamtramck.org, is an organizing partner for the diabetes and diet seminar. Hanif said they helped get the venue, and are a resource for Hamtramck.

The program is free, and starts at 4 p.m.


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