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Ginger Nut Quinoa Pilaf

*The Muslim Observer

By: Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist We’re living in a time in which many people are gluten intolerant, vegetarian, or simply trying to eat better. Many of my clients wh

After Qandeel: Honor Killings in the Modern Islamic World

Muslim Media Network

By: Marina Ali, contributing writer On July 15th of this year, news media outlets reported that a rising social media star, Qandeel Baloch, was strangled to death in the middle

The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund to Hold Event

*The Muslim Observer

By: Susan Schwartz, contributing writer The Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF), the world's largest charity devoted to the medical needs of children in the Middle East, wil

How a Trump caliphate might operate

*The Muslim Observer

By Wajahat Ali, RNS correspondant (RNS) After listening to Donald Trump’s speech outlining his “national security” policies, it’s obvious I must vote for Hillary Clinton

Federal Court: Bank of America Trial Nears Verdict for Discriminating Against LIFE, an Arab-American Charity

*The Muslim Observer

Detroit, MI– A lawsuit before U.S District Court Chief Judge Denise Page Hood accuses Bank of America of ethnic discrimination for arbitrarily closing the accounts of Michigan-ba

Meet The Hijabis Competing In The Olympics

*The Muslim Observer

By: Laura Fawaz, contributing reporter The 2016 Summer Olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro, the first South American city ever to host it.  Though that’s not the bi

Watermelon Mint Berry Salad

Living Well

By: Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist Watermelon is one of the most scrumptious fruit, that carries a myriad of health benefits, too. Unfortunately, many have come to believ

Summer Spinach Fig Salad

*The Muslim Observer

By Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist The sun is beaming outdoors, the sky is pure blue, and your taste buds are craving something refreshing. Reaching for a sugary lemonade