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Healing After Daesh’s Recent Barrage on the World


By Marina Ali, contributing writer In light of the recent string of attacks by Daesh (incorrectly referred to as the Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL) I and many other Muslims have c

Cranberry Walnut Cookie Bars


By Noor H. Salem, contributing columnist Almost everyone loves cookies, or sweet treats, but the majority would aspire to eat cookies without the negative health effects. I’ve

River Oaks Islamic Center is Greening Ramadan and after!

*The Muslim Observer

By the Houston Green Team, community submission Being mindful not to waste food and water at iftar, choosing paper products instead of styrofoam, using reusable water bottles, a

Energy Boosting Salad

*The Muslim Observer

By Noor Salem, contributing columnist I’ve come across many clients and workshop attendees who have an automatic belief that anything labeled “salad” on a restaurant menu

After Dallas, We Need Change, Conversation


By Sameed Khan, contributing columnist In the midst of all the hate and malice that has gripped the country right now, no one could be faulted for thinking that America is break

Dates: More Than Just Ramadan Food


By Noor Salem, contributing columnist With Ramadan closing, I advise that you keep up the habits of consuming dates. If fresh dates have not been a food item on your Ramadan

Democratic Party Platform, a Brief

By Sameed Khan, contributing columnist With the Democratic Convention looming, the party has released its most recent draft of the current platform. While some of the hotly deba

Iftar Dinner Welcomes Refugees To Michigan

By Laura Fawaz, contributing writer  Dearborn Heights, MI–The Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights, MI hosted a special iftar dinner this past Saturday night welcomi