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“Muslim Code of Honor” signed by Sunni & Shi’a Imams at Islamic House of Wisdom

TMO Staff Reporter

Farmington–May 15–Michigan’s imams flew in the face of the idea of centuries of conflict between Sunni and Shi’a by signing a “Muslim Code of Honor” that outlines and promises respectful mutual treatment by all signatories.

The impetus for the agreement was, in Imam Elahi’s words, that “Muslims regardless of their school of thought are targets of nonstop Islamophobic prejudice. The fear that the daily tragic news from Iraq may ignite clashes of opinions urgently requires responsible engagement by the highest Islamic leaders.

Therefore 28 of Michigan’s powerful imams and organization leaders signed this document, which specifies among other agreements that “Muslims should respect one another and the people, places and events that any Muslim group or individual holds in esteem.”

Please see the Code of Honor.


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